Six Weeks In


The unfamiliar road creates all sorts of thoughts and fear in our minds. Will it be straight? Rocky? Downhill? Safe? I remember when I was a teenager my family and I were off-roading in an unfamiliar part of the desert we usually camped in. To get from point A to point B we had to conquer a steep, nearly vertical hill in our Jeep. It was terrifying, suspenseful and a whole bunch of fun as we tested out not only the Jeep’s skill but my dad’s also. It was very much like a rollercoaster ride! After a couple of tries we made it up the incline and on to our destination.

In some ways our new adventure here in Fresno as been the same. As my husband has said repeatedly, we have a chance to do something different and to spread our wings and let a part of ourselves expand in ways that may not have been possible before. For me one of the best things has been being back in my own culture, and believe me, California has its own culture! My friend Christa wrote this to me:

I am so glad to hear things are going well and that you like where you are and are at peace. It does my heart good to hear that–just because I know some of what you went through in all the pre-move transition. So the fact that what you have stepped into is a good fit and not like a new shoe that rubs places wrong blesses me. That is what I wanted for you!

She has really summed up how I feel, which in a word is comfortable. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying I was uncomfortable the last 23 years in Missouri. It was, however, a place I had to learn to adjust to over time, the same as if I had moved to Mozambique.

Being a Christian, as those of us who are know, can be like living in a foreign culture at times. We try to navigate the unfamiliar road, learn the native customs, and try really hard not to offend people. There is a very popular worship song right now that makes me cry every time I hear it. It serves as a reminder to me that this world and its challenges and blessings, whether they be customs or tribulations, is not my home. I’m not meant to feel comfortable here really. No matter if I’m in familiar surroundings or not, heaven is the only place I will be truly myself and feel completely at home.

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  1. Our whole church responds to this song every time we sing it. You can feel the faith/longing/hope/energy surging through the room. So glad you are catching a glimpse of home in your new digs.