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I was checking out my friend Serenity’s blog this evening and was pleased to see she links to my blog in her sidebar. The only problem was it was one of those links that tells how many days it has been since the persons last post. My number was 27. Which I cannot even believe. Oh wait. I can totally believe it has been that long. So just to insure that number doesn’t roll over to 28 at midnight tonight, here is my random catch-up post.

I have so gotten out of any remote semblance of routine since we’ve moved here that the days of the week have become amazingly fluid. Also, my husband has been working Saturday’s and having Sunday and Monday or Wednesday off. My weekends don’t really seem like weekends because of that. A couple of weeks ago I sat myself down for a stern talking to. “Lori, you must get into some sort of schedule otherwise when you do go back to work it will be near impossible to adjust.” I nodded my head somberly and promised that the next day I would get up at a reasonable time, and set aside hour long blocks to do things that need to be done. 

And then we had a family member go into the hospital unexpectedly, which threw me off. Next we realized Harold would have 4 days in a row off so we zoomed off to see my parents, whom we hadn’t visited since we got here. That trip threw all of us out of sync. So here I am making promises to myself for tomorrow’s activities. Sigh.

Random Thoughts:

I wonder if there are any more openings for actress/model jobs? I think I’d like to explore this option for my next career move. I can guarantee I’d be scandal free although how I’d look on camera is anyone’s guess.

I follow @omgfacts on Twitter. They have the most bizarre bits of info and I’m always amazed at what they come up with. Today’s fact is that there’s a lightning storm in Venezuela that has been going on since at least the 16th century, every single day! You can’t make this stuff up people! 

In church today it dawned on me that for the first time in about 15 years I can sit in a service and not be concerned if the announcements all got made or the ushers counted the offering correctly or if someone was going to come up to me after church and want to know how much money they owe the daycare. I can just It was very liberating and I’m not taking it for granted because pretty soon I’ll be back in the thick of things church-wise.

The doves outside our bedroom window have raised their babies and moved out. Talk about empty nest syndrome! I loved watching them and really miss them.

Okay, enough. Hopefully I will become somewhat disciplined and not let so much time elapse between posts. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aw. So much to love about this catch-up. I’m glad you noticed you were still in my sidebar! I think I have it set so that usually only the most recent three will show up in each category. But I have a few people in there who haven’t posted in WAY longer than 27 days.:) Routine is lovely. The forced routine of my new existence (day job at atsu, school started) has done wonders for me. It’s so, so hard to create routine on your own, I think. So have some mercy on you.:)