Hi! It is so hard to summarize a life long lived into a short paragraph. I could do it in a really long one but I shall refrain. Instead here are some bullet points. I love making bullet points and rarely get to make them since I retired.

Married for 36 years to my knight in shining armor who also happens to play guitar and write songs. He wrote a secret song for us right after we were married. To this day no one knows it but us. Swoon!

We have an amazing son whose first and middle names mean “Strong Lion”. Indeed he is and has faced death more than once in his life. We are thankful that God let him stay with us. Ev has Down Syndrome and is fairly high functioning. He has a huge group of friends, real friends, who continue to love him and treat him no differently than anyone else. (Okay, they do spoil him a bit!) Evan is now 32 years old and has a great job program that he loves.

We spent the majority of our married life living in a small, rural town in Missouri. I am a born and bred Los Angeles girl so the move was traumatic to say the least. When we moved back to my home state 24  years later I was beyond heartbroken to leave all my wonderful friends and the town I grew to love deeply.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with traumatic on-set Fibromyalgia, stemming from The Year of Which We Do Not Speak, the year our son had seven hip surgeries and almost died. I continued to work full-time until 2012. We moved to Cali and it seemed like a good time to work only occasionally.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, and last November with Giant Cell Enteritis. Both diseases cause intense pain, and other horrid effects. I am now fully retired and spend my time laying around the house, eating pork rinds and peanut M&M’s. Did I mention my addiction to apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic novels?

My previous, long-standing blog, The Road Not Chosen, told tales of a big city girl living in the middle of nowhere Missouri, raising a special needs son, and loving her husband, life & God. I have transferred most of those posts to the archive on this site.




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  1. I went to your parent’s school there in Temecula. So sorry to hear about your dad. They are wonderful people!”

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