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The Promotion

I noticed my last post was towards the end of April and here it is the middle of June. Where I have been and what I’ve been doing is unfortunately a very sad tale. Life is not always sunshine and candy. If it were it would be called Heaven. We live on a planet deformed by sin. Yet our hope, as Christians, is that at the end of our journey we will step into the unfathomable place named Heaven.

My dad has had terrible heart and lung problems for years. This year is no different. His 2020 hospital visits totaled five by the end of May. Every stay did nothing to help him. He grew weaker and weaker. His pain grew intolerable. By May 18th he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I’ll spare you and myself the details. By that Wednesday I had to decide whether to put him on a ventilator or not. Fortunately, I knew that he did not want that to happen. They made him comfortable so he would feel no pain. On Friday, May 22nd he passed away peacefully. We were and are heartbroken.

Harold’s brother, Cliff, had been fighting pancreatic cancer for 15 months. He was only supposed to live 3 months. Cliff lived long enough to see his fourth granddaughter born. He lived long enough to strengthen his family and wife to prepare them for his departure. Every day he lived was a gift and a miracle. Cliff died on June 4th. His funeral was yesterday, and it was live streamed so we could be part of it. We were incredibly grateful.

Having 2 close family members die in two weeks is gut wrenching. I am aware there are bigger losses but for us it’s the biggest one we have faced. The only reason we have been able to keep going is that my dad and Cliff were both Christians. They are out of pain and worshiping before God. There is nothing we would want more for them.

Bit by bit we are trying to get back to the normal routine of life as it is now. We thank all our wonderful friends who have prayed, sent cards and lots of beautiful flowers, and fed us. You have lifted us up when we could not move. We love you all.

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The One Where Lori Tries to Cry

My family & I are freshly back for 8 days in Fresno. It was quite the trip. We arrived Friday evening and were whisked away to an amazing, authentic Mexican restaurant where we made up for the lack of airline food. We had left at 7am (CST) so by 7pm (PST) we were faint with hunger. Well, okay, a mild exaggeration.

On Saturday there was a church picnic at a beautiful park. We had a chance to meet some new people, refresh some friendships, and eat fist sized strawberries. Well, okay, a very slight exaggeration. There were games planned by the lovely Alejandra who had devised games that kids and adults could play together. Pure genius, huh?

Most of the week was spent meeting with church people, looking at houses & one amazing apartment, and enjoying the California weather. Harold had interviews with 2 different property management companies. He is awaiting  a follow-up phone interview with the company who, coincidentally, owns the amazing apartment complex where we want to live. Well, okay, not coincidentally.

We got back to the ‘ville on Saturday evening and have been recovering ever since. Right before we left on our trip, a realtor in town had a couple who he wanted to show our house. That happened the day we left. Today we signed papers selling our house! It’s stunning how everything is falling into place so quickly. We will be out of our house on July 1st. Which is coming round the bend at a ridiculous rate of speed!

In the last several days I have felt at turns overwhelmed, overjoyed, exhausted and full of energy. Mostly I feel like a good cry would really help! (It’s a woman thing.) I’m sure I’ll get there soon.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers. We have felt them and needed them!