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No Pain No Gain

Last  week from Wednesday through Sunday, I was part of a Leadership Conference sponsored by C2C, a group of churches my church is affiliated with. It was an amazing time. Great music, teaching, panels and, best of all, visits with friends from all over the U.S, the U.K, & Sweden. After each evening session there were afterglows, basically a late night snack with more visiting time with people. That meant getting home sometime after midnight. I also did registration & tracking income/expenses so this was a working conference for me.

I have fibromyalgia, which a lot of people know just from the commercials for Lyrica, a drug I am very thankful for.  People have different ranges of symptoms with this disease. I tend to be in pain 95% of the time but the intensity can vary. Lack of rest is one thing that makes my pain levels rise. Needless to say, my levels rose with each passing day. I tried to get a nap each day & skipped Saturday morning’s panel. By Sunday I was in fairly intense pain. I’ve been chucking down pain meds ever since and finally tonight I am feeling much better. Getting 11 hours of sleep last night & not working today helped.

So the question you are probably wanting to ask me is was it worth it? It entirely was! I came away from the conference wiser because of the wonderful speakers. I came away happier because I got to see friends I have seen in years. I came away more peaceful because of the wonderful worship that brought the presence of God to all of us. It will take several more days for me to get back on track physically but that’s okay. You know the saying…

*For more info on fibromyalgia go here.


3 thoughts on “No Pain No Gain

  1. I’ve been missing out on you! I read the last post at your previous address but failed to make the move until now. You are officially added to my reader and such. Ah, was it worth it? A good question, and I’m glad your answer was yes.

    1. Thanks Seren! Glad you caught up with me. It was a hard question too as I knew I had to be honest about it no matter what, if that makes sense.

  2. Even without fibromyalgia, my body is aching from the wonderful weekend. I’m just not conditioned for those late nights any more 🙂 Hope you are all better soon. Really. All Better, as in healed!

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