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Creating Our Reality

We are currently in Fresno doing some footwork in preparation for our move in July. The weather is wonderful, we’re having a blast visiting our new family at Bread of Life, and everything feels like it fits perfectly.

Yesterday morning as Ann was driving us to church I thought suddenly “This is where I live now!” Hopefully my current Life Church family understands what I mean. We have about 10 weeks until we officially move but our hearts are already here. I feel a renewed sense of purpose which is so refreshing.

At Life Church I am busy handing all the multitude of things I do over to other people, which is sad, as endings can be sometime.

The house is finished and in the process of being sold and may well be by the time we get back. We have a solid offer that we might take. Everything is winding down and packing up. Our 21 year season is mostly done and the new one begun.

I feel the most awkward sense of excitement and sadness. Thankfully God meets me every step of the journey. Looking back I see his grace and blessing and looking forward I see the same. He is the one constant in every phase of my life and words will never express my deep gratitude to him!

For today off we go to explore the new land of milk and honey He has given us, with songs of praise in our hearts.


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  1. May all the giants in the land turn out to be wimps. Or, to quote a famous movie line, “Have fun storming the castle.”

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