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The School Year Approaches

Today I’m working on lesson plans. The new school year is about to start and I always try to get ahead while I have a chance. I’ll be teaching the high school Language Arts classes again, which I love to do! I’m so glad I got a chance to teach, even though I didn’t start until my late 40’s. (You’re shocked. I know, you thought I was still in my 30’s.)

Since I’ve been at this for several years now I feel more comfortable in my “teaching” skin. Of course, every class comes with it’s own challenges but that is what makes it exciting. This year is what we call a “writing year” meaning a more intense focus on grammar, vocabulary & communication skills. We’ll still read plenty but everything is looked at through a writing lens.

This will be my last year teaching here so I plan to remind myself to savor every moment. My hope is that when we move to Cali in 2012 that I’ll be able to either get a job tutoring or as a para in a school. However, I know California is much more strict than Missouri is on who can do such things so we’ll see.

I’m also trying to control my obsession with stationary supplies. I purchased a beautiful notebook from Walmart the other day. It’s from their Studio C line. The design is a great combo of retro & modern.

I am fountain pen user so I need to buy some ink today, hooray! About 3 years ago I noticed a lot of pain in the fingers on my right hand. Since I spend a good 8-12 hours a day on a computer I knew this would happen. I read an article about reducing finger pain by using a fountain pen, the theory being you will be less likely to have a death grip on a fountain pen as it takes a light hand to write with one. So I gave it a shot and it actually worked! I have since fallen down the rabbit hole that leads to Fountain Pen Land and I’m never coming back!

Does anyone else out there use a fountain pen? Are any of you as obsessed with stationary supplies as I am? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The School Year Approaches

  1. Jaymes brought home a Waterman for me after one of his many exotic trips. Tonight I am writing in “rouge”. Sigh… And yes, I love the stationary aisle almost as much as the kitchen gadget department. My new resolution is to actually USE it before buying more. 😉

  2. Oooo! A Waterman! I’d love to have one of those. They’re THE best fountain pens. And rouge is a lovely color. I have to watch myself because I’d end up with as many inks as I have eyeshadows, which is waaaay too many!

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